Are you suffering from aches, pains, tension, a specific muscular injury or need help with recovery? A massage may be exactly what you need. I can help you with sports massagedeep tissue massagesoft tissue massage and more.

20 Years Experience

In the wellbeing industry since 1997, including more than 2 years working for a professional sports team (The Cardiff Devils).

Range Of Massage Treatments

I offer a range of massage therapies to help ease aches, pains, tension, rehabilitation of specific muscular injuries and to help aid recovery so that you can perform at your best.

Discounts Available

I offer discounts for a course of massage treatments (eg. buy 5, get 1 free). And also money off for NHS staff.

I’m a qualified massage therapist in a variety of massage disciplines, with over 20 years experience within the wellbeing industry. My aim is to relax people and help them to feel great about themselves. Sounds heavenly, right? Your massage treatment will take place in my modern private clinic with all treatments by appointment only, to ensure you get the most from your “me” time. From the moment you step inside, you’ll discover a notable sense of calm.

Let’s face it, sometimes life really does take its toll. For those moments, there’s no better option than a therapeutic massage. Renowned for its healing and rejuvenating properties, a therapeutic massage uses a range of techniques in a bid to relax stiff joints, soothe sore muscles and help you let go of your everyday stresses.

Sarah Best

Victoria Fieldhouse

” The consultation was so thorough and informative, and the massage was the best ever. Lovely relaxing professional environment. Can’t wait to go back! Thank you. “



While each spa, salon or clinic has their own process, I prefer to sit with you and chat through the series of questions on your consultation form, to identify any particular ailments or areas of tension you’d like me to focus on. In my experience it is the small ‘unimportant’ snippets of information that can help me to provide you with the most beneficial massage. I may ask you to show me a range of movements depending on the desired result and the problematic area of focus, to measure the level of progression achieved with each massage treatment.

I’ll ask you to remove any excess clothing once I leave the treatment room and lay down on the massage table, covering yourself with the towels and blankets provided. Now’s the time to let your thoughts drift away like clouds and forget the everyday stresses and strains. During your treatment, I will use a variety of techniques and hand strokes to relax your body and mind. The exact products used will vary depending on which particular massage you have chosen.

The aim of the massage can vary, so it’s definitely worth discussing any particular sore spots at the beginning of each massage to get the most out of your treatment. Overall, however, the goal is to give you a therapeutic benefit – whether it’s sports or stress-related. Many people opt for therapeutic massages as a one-off treatment, while others prefer to purchase a series of sessions to improve their muscle tone, increase their mobility or to maintain reduced levels of stress. It can also be used to supplement many other health treatments.

Psychotherapists often recommend massage therapy to their clients; as well as the physical advantages, the treatment is said to be psychologically beneficial. Whatever your aim, a therapeutic massage is ideal for those on-the-go who rarely get the chance to relax themselves and restore their wellbeing.

So whether you’re after some “me” time or feel like treating a friend, your therapeutic massage will leave you feeling lighter, brighter and renewed.


Samantha Gore

” I went to Sarah today full of a head cold and all the aches and pains that come with it. The massage and oils used helped to relax me and eased my symptoms. Thank you, Sarah. “